Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci

We live in a day and age where technological innovation is so frequent and so diversified, it's become a challenge to stay on par with all the disruptions.
One cannot possibly expect all companies to be on the constant lookout for breakthroughs, which in turns creates important asynchornies in a world that's becoming more and more competitive.
33MnT has the purpose of bridging that gap by synergizing Technology, People and Business Models.
Our approach aims at either creating from scratch, customizing existing assets or simply combining what is right correctly to match business needs.
We do not simply react to the market, we thrive to set new standards and ways of doing business.


We assemble existing products and services to match a need.


We adapt existing products and services to fit a market.


We create from scratch the solution we find is the best for our requirements.


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Holograms are part of the array of technologies we utilize. 33MnT focuses on the latest technologies and approaches, while being supported by a backbone of solid software development, and the related IT services to produce the tools used to operate our business models.

All of the technology we use is complex, though our job is to make it work easily so that one may focus on his core activity.

This is an essential ingredient of our recipe.


Technology is of no purpose if not matched by an actual need and a proper methodology.

We completely understand and have experienced the burden a technological implementation can become, both financially and operationally, if implemented in the wrong manner.

33MnT designs business models, service structures and procedures to go along with the training we provide to optimize the use of our solutions.

Our mission is to effectively support companies by either lowering the difficulty of existing operations or by creating new revenues streams and opportunities through the use of Technology.

Our reach

Our office is based in Milan, though our reach is effectively international, thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet but mostly thanks to our international partners which allow us to be litterally Global.

Where to start?

Simply drop us an email and tell us more about your company, we'll be glad to setup an online meeting and further talk about it.

Talk soon!

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